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Santa Barbara House Cleaning Services can help you save time and focus on the things you love and matter most to you, including your family and friends. Let us handle the hassle of keeping your house clean: You have better things to do! Get in touch with us!

In business since 2016, “Santa Barbara House Cleaning Services” is owned by Nancy’s Family, who opened their home cleaning company in the location of santa barbara seeking a flexible business that allowed for more family time. They’re especially proud of Nancy’s House Cleaning Services™ because collectively the list items are essential for that uniquely impeccable, shiny, clean Nancy’s wow factor. They love the great city of santa barbara, they’re on a mission to enable fellow area residents more time with their families too by providing unmatched cleaning services.

The story of Nancy and how the project of "Santa Barbara House Cleaning Services" began.

I’m Nancy and I’ll tell the story from the beginning, practically since 2004, so if you want to read everything, get comfortable.

I am a Mexican national and like all Mexicans came the moment when I wanted a better life for my children and decided together with my husband Jorge Silva to come and look for “the American dream”

That was approximately in the year 2000 and if it was a radical change of life, but not so good (I say not so good because of the work of almost 16 hours a day I could not see or live with my children)

But that’s not an excuse, because that’s how you start anywhere. I worked in many places for two years until approximately in 2002 I started to work in house cleaning and right here in Santa Barbara, it served me a lot since I was able to opt for the experience in all types of cleaning, from deep cleaning to cleaning of offices, I worked in cleaning from 2002 to 2008, it was 6 years where I could learn and at the same time save and make my home in Mexico (since the idea was to return)

During 2008 I remember that the crisis arrived also known as “the global financial crisis”
With my husband we decided it was better to go back to Mexico and start something there, in the end I returned with my children because my husband wanted to stay a little longer.

Anyway, we spent 7 years in Mexico but due to the situation that Mexico was in, we decided to return, and my two sons were elderly.

When I arrived, I began to work on house cleaning but already on my own without working for any company.

My oldest son and daughter began to get involved and they made this grow much faster than normal, among the 3 of us we decided that the name of the company was “Santa Barbara House Cleaning Services”

My 21 year old daughter is now in charge of customer service.
My son over 24 years old is now the marketing champion.

We are a great team and it is what has allowed “Santa Barbara House Cleaning Services” to grow very rapidly in a short time.

My personal facebook if you want to know a little more about me.

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