Frequent questions

  • Can you do custom cleanings? Yes, we are very flexible and we will work with your special needs.
  • Do you do laundry? Yes, we can do laundry for you, when we are cleaning, but will be additional charges.
  • Do you do ironing? Yes, we can do ironing for you, while we are cleaning, but there will be additional charge.
  •  What you include in a basic cleaning? In the basic cleaning we offer surface cleaning in the bedrooms, including dusting and vacuuming.  We help clean your bathrooms, including toilets, sink, shower, floors, mirrors and tub.  at the kitchen we clean the counters, floors, wipe down the fridge, microwave, toaster, stove, and other appliances.
  • What is not included in basic cleaning service? In a basic cleaning service does not include ironing and laundry.

Deep Cleaning Questions

  • What is included in a deep cleaning? Deep Cleaning is an upgraded cleaning of the basic that includes all of the items in the basic cleaning, plus additional service for a thorough cleaning more a detail cleaning this is perfect for one time cleaning even if you are getting our recurrent cleaning.
  • What is not included a deep cleaning? Deep Cleaning will not include those items like Move in Move out cleanings.

How do you guarantee security for the customer?

This is a very important issue for some people and it is something in which we have given a solution. With us you are protected by any damage to the home that may arise, we are insured so that you are protected from any damage that may arise, but we go further, by letting people enter your house without knowing their names is usually uncomfortable, that is why that we give ourselves the task of notifying you by mail or text message of which of our employees will go to your home, you will know their names and a photo of each of our employees so that you have more security of who enters your home.

With us you are 100% PROTECTED!

Is this a franchise?

We are not a franchise, In fact we are local, We are located in Santa Barbara, CA. This company is run by our family, always updating to give you a good service.


Do you have an additional questions? Please contact us by email or call us at 805-324-3321