Goleta House Cleaning Services.

Santa Barbara House Cleaning Services have been working in the industry of cleaning services In Goleta, CA for more than 5 years.

Goleta is a city in southern Santa Barbara County, California, USA. It was incorporatedas a city in 2002, after a long period as the largest unincorporated populated area in the county. It is known for being near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, although the CDP of Isla Vista is closer to the campus.

We have teams of maids with experience and trained for different types of cleanings as:

How we work?

Whether you call us only for one time cleaning or for recurring service, we will send a team of 2 maids to do the job efficiently and faster.
When you call us for a recurring service, 2 maid will always be assigned to your home. (always the same 2 maids.)

 We offer our service to all types of homes.

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
    and others!

area we serve In Goleta:

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Take A Look To Our Goleta Cleaning Services.

We also have different types of services, visit our services page to see all.

Regardless of whether you’re having another infant, setting up a gathering, excessively occupied for an occasion, or hoping to give housekeeping as an exceptional blessing, we offer infrequent and one-time cleaning to fit your needs. Our maids are insured for your assurance, which implies you can unwind knowing you’ve contracted a company cleaning you can trust.

What do we include in this type of cleaning?
A cleaning that is only for once we usually recommend that it has to be done to what we call a “Deep Cleaning Service”
Well, usually when customers call us for the first time is because the house takes several months or even years without having a cleaning, dust is all over the house, bathrooms and kitchen usually take more time than when a house has a maintenance constant. To see more detail about what we do in a deep cleaning, click here.


A large portion of our clients pick our week by week or each other week housekeeping. As a component of each custom cleaning design, We will tailor our cleaning procedure to your necessities and spending plan. Your house is your escape, your space, your region of unwinding. Give yourself the endowment of time and let us clean your home the way you need it cleaned.

How will we keep your house clean?

To keep your house clean always the first cleaning is done a deep cleaning so when we fence it will be to keep the house as clean and tidy as possible, usually our customers choose every 15 days so that we go to give maintenance to your home but it is optional to how you think is best for you, We are very flexible to your schedule.

To see our checklist for regular maintenance, click here.


Since the rooms are vacant – it’s an ideal opportunity to get your home or flat looking stunningly better than it did when you initially moved in. Numerous house or condo contracts require a very deep cleaning. Others require a careful agenda that spreads everything from baseboards to the microwave stove. 
Our team can deal with the majority of the things on your turn out cleaning agenda.

How can we help you with a move out cleaning?

Well we can help you in different ways, because if you want to recover something from your deposit we have verified that delivering the apartment or clean house can receive up to 80% of your deposit, since it also depends on other factors such as damage to carpet or physical damage to the property.

But on our part we know very well what the companies want to be able to return your deposit money. and in that type of cleaning we focus.

Well we can help you in different ways, because if you want to recover something from your deposit we have verified that delivering the apartment or clean house can receive up to 80% of your deposit, since it also depends on other factors such as damage to carpet or physical damage to the property.

But on our part we know very well what the companies want to be able to return your deposit money. and in that type of cleaning we focus. On the other hand if you are the owner of the property and want to rent or sell it, we know well what the clients see in a house before buying or renting it, so yes, we can help you too!

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Rental proprietors and property administrators need to realize that their investment property is in the best shape for new tenants.We realize that your business is just comparable to your notoriety. That why we will likely ensure you get that 5-star survey. Give us a change to help you so you can center around your business of getting more appointments!

Keeping rentals clean amid the busiest time isn’t simple in any way. One family moves in as fast as the following family moves out. The time expected to altogether clean an excursion rental is around 4 to 5 hours. Now and again, the time span is extensively less, contingent upon regardless of whether individuals have reservations, and they are restlessly holding up to keep in the room and begin their excursion. For More Info about vacation rental cleaning service click here.

Apartments Cleaning Service:

For those who reside in apartments we can also help you. Whether it’s a regular service, or if you’re thinking of moving to an apartment, you may need a more detailed cleaning, we call it “move out cleaning” which is a cleaning that is more thoroughly cleaned and detailed so you can recover as much as possible. of your deposit.

Condominium Cleaning Service:

Basically a condo is a normal house and the cleaning is not so different, we can also help you with housekeeping services or you want a deep cleaning just contact us and we give you a free quotation.

Premier House Cleaning Service

In Goleta, CA

Cleaning houses are our priority. We deliver personalized and precise house cleaning santa barbara and Goleta, Isla Vista, Montecito, Carpinteria, Hope Ranch. 
Whether you want shiny floors in downtown or sparkling bathrooms, just call us for all santa barbara area residential cleaning needs. 

Professional Goleta House Cleaning Services.

  • Fully Insured.
  • Experienced 
  • Reference checked.
  • Interviewed in-person.
  • Honest and dependable.
  • Insured & bonded. 
  • No Contracts
  • 24 Hour Guaranteee. 

What Makes Our House Cleaning Services Different?

We know how important your home is, that’s why we improve this industry in some aspects such as: Security, Trust, and Quick Quotes.

Security: Notifications via text message or Email of the entire process and Name of the cleaner.

Trust: You can visit who we are in “About Us” and know us a little more, as well as our team.

Quick Estimates: Now you can have estimates in just a couple of minutes, select what is your cleaning project and select what you need and you will have an estimate in just seconds.


With us you are protected, our maid have the experience to do the work well in cleaning your home but we also know that accidents happen and you do not have to worry for that, we will take care of damages that may occur, we are also open if you want our insurance policy number to be completely safe.

The price of cleaning depends on the size of your home and how often you want your home cleaned. We do a FREE in-home estimate to give you the best service at the best price. 

We try to always go the same maid who already know your home but due to circumstances sometimes they have to go, get sick and among other things. But we know how important it is for you to know who will enter your house that is why we will let you know who of our maids will go to your home. We will do this through a text message or email that you provide. We will also let you know when the cleaning starts and when our maid has already finished (if you wish to be notified)

Our maids they live in Santa Barbara, they are local and have been interviewed, and for recommendations and are insured.
A background check is made for your safety and ours, we are attentive to the one we hire.

Usually they are 2 ladies but if your house is considerably big, we can send from 3 to 5 to do it much faster, the time taken will be divided by each maid. Example. If 2 maid did 2 hours to clean your home, we would say 2 hours for each maid since the time is divided between the two, then the total hours would be 4 hours. Since 1 maid would have taken 4 hours to finish it. at the end it is the same time but between several maids it ends faster and thus we will not be that long in your home (apparently) since it is the same time divided between several maids.

Of course, Apart from cleaning for the home we also offer cleaning for businesses better known as “Janitor Cleaning

We have experience in cleaning offices and commercial stores, if you have an office that needs clear maintenance service we can help you.
  To give you an estimate just call us!

Yes! Usually there is an inspection at the end of the cleaning and you will be asked to check. On the other hand we offer a 24hr warranty if something was not done that we agreed upon.

Yes!  We have very good cleaning products that are 100% natural, by contacting us just ask for the service with natural products and that’s it.

What can you do while we clean your Home?

When you trust us for your house cleaning project , you’ll be surprised by how much time you have to enjoy your daily life.

But what can you do while we clean your home?

While some clients with our maintenance service or “regular service” decide to stay at home either in their office or simply on their sofa reading a book. Here we give you some ideas of what to do while we take care of the cleaning, I just think the most important thing in life is time and enjoy it. There is much to do and know in Santa Barbara!

You can go to a nearby restaurant, as it is Outpost to eat something, or you can go to the nearest spa in Goleta we recommend New Life Day Spa

However you choose to spend your time you can rest assured that you’ll be able to focus on the things that really matter, not your endless to-do list.

Join Our Happy Clients (Our Reviews Below)

Kathi Campbell

Kathi Campbell2 reviews 5 days agoThey came in to do deep cleaning, and did a fabulous job! Great communication, very accommodating in every way, and an excellent job in an older home that really needed cleaning. So friendly, too! We will be using them regularly.

Kathi Campbell Reviewed Nancy’s House Cleaning Services — 5 Star

August 2 at 4:16 PM ·

The team did a fantastic job of deep cleaning! Their responsiveness and communication was also excellent. Just a great experience from beginning to end. Thank you so much! We’ll be scheduling regular cleanings with Nancy’s!

Natalia Casemore Reviewed Nancy’s House Cleaning Services — 5 Star

August 4 at 3:41 PM ·

Nancy’s were great! Friendly, efficient, they did a fantastic job on a house that really needed a deep cleaning. They transformed it back to beauty!

Our Location and Contact Info:

We is located near Castillo St and State St, Santa Barbara a couple of minutes from Louie’s California Bistro Serving the area of Goleta, CA.

We Are Exactly Located at 427 W Islay St Apt 5 Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
But we also serve other nearby areas, Like It’s Carpinteria, Isla Vista, Montecito, Hope Ranch.