About Our Maids 

Our team has been formed up to now by 6 members, we are a company with a fast growth, since in just 2 years (currently 2018) we have grown 80% in this area of Santa Barbara.

Our maids are local, they recite in Santa Barbara, CA and Goleta, CA

They are trained and evaluated before being hired.
Always kindness and courtesy.

We inculcate in each of them that honesty and trust is very important as well as the quality of work.

A Maid Smiling Image

If you are looking for professional help from Maid Service in Santa Barbara, you can trust us.

Make your appointment with us in very simple, just go to our contact page or call us, tell us about your project and we will give you an estimate without obligation or obligations, then just tell us the day you want the cleaning and we will take care of the rest.