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    5.0 star rating8/3/2018

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    Just great system that nancys team has!
    The team notify you of everything in my case they send me a text message  when they start and then when the team finished.

    I like that a lot cause I was not at my house so I get notify and I went to check how was it
    They do a pretty good job, it was some stains but I notify them and 1 girl came to fix it in less then 5 minutes

    Pretty good experience, for sure I recommended

    My house looks so clean and smells so fresh now, thank Nancys crew!

Natalia Casemore reviewed Nancy’s House Cleaning Services — 5 star

August 4 at 3:41 PM ·

Nancy’s were great! Friendly, efficient, they did a fantastic job on a house that really needed a deep cleaning. They transformed it back to beauty!

Kathi Campbell reviewed Nancy’s House Cleaning Services — 5 star

August 2 at 4:16 PM ·

The team did a fantastic job of deep cleaning! Their responsiveness and communication was also excellent. Just a great experience from beginning to end. Thank you so much! We’ll be scheduling regular cleanings with Nancy’s!

Cielo Silva reviewed Nancy’s House Cleaning Services — 5 star

August 3 at 1:29 PM ·

Just great system that nancys team has!
My house looks so clean and smells so fresh.
I will call nancys soon for sure!

Cielo Salgado1 review4 days agoJust great system that nancys team has, they notify you of everything, when they start and finish.!
My house looks so clean and smells so fresh I wish always can look like that.
I will call soon for sure for regular cleanings

Kathi Campbell

Kathi Campbell2 reviews5 days agoThey came in to do deep cleaning, and did a fabulous job! Great communication, very accommodating in every way, and an excellent job in an older home that really needed cleaning. So friendly, too! We will be using them regularly.

Chantay Calmes

Chantay Calmes3 reviewsa month ago-Excellent job. Rebecca and Rosaleen were very professional, efficient and thorough. This was my first time using this company and I will definitely be using them again. I was impressed by how clean the kitchen appliances were. They didn’t miss anything.

Candace Anderson

Candace Anderson 12 hours agoGreat job, fast and efficient. Gave accurate quote and good communication. Will use them again!

Mary Mora

Mary Mora2 reviews2 weeks agoNancy’s House Cleaning Services are top notch.
They do a great job in their cleaning, they are dependable and they go the extra mile always!

B. Bop

B. Bop1 review2 months agoThe guy running this business, this “Nancy’s cleaning”, called me obsessively against my wishes – I actually needed to call police to get him to stop. This was only after a few texts. He was very pushy, he even switched his number to …More

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson4 reviews3 months agoThe job was amazing! Thank you to your crew! I will call you again soon!

Luis Alfonso

Luis Alfonso3 reviews2 months agoI recently moved to santa barbara and the house I was renting was pretty dirty, that’s why I sought help. I had very good experience with this company, all their work they did very well, I will be calling them often for cleaning my house. Thank you!

John Sutton

John Sutton11 reviews · 1 photoa week agoThey did an excellent job cleaning but they were 45 minutes late and they did not notify us that they would be late.

Joan Kalbin

Joan Kalbin2 reviews4 months agoExcellent, very good job! My house is smelling wonderful!

young KOMA

young KOMA a week ago  Response from the ownera week ago

Thank You!

Karen Vigaray

Karen Vigaray1 reviewa week agoThey did the worst job ever. The walls were dirtier than before they got there. The ladies broke a drawer and didn’t even tell us. There was spider webs on the walls. All this was after they got there two hours late. A complete waste of time and $280