What is a "deep cleaning"?

A deep cleaning basically is a cleaning in detail. Usually it always does a “deep cleaning” when you opt for our service for the first time and for once or if you plan to opt for our regular service.

Is there an extra cost for a “deep cleaning”?
Yes, the first time you clean your home with us the price will be a bit high since it usually takes us more time to clean a house if you have not had a previous maintenance. On the other hand if you get our regular service will give you a discount the first time we clean your house.

When is a “deep cleaning” necessary?
As I mentioned above, it is usually necessary if you did not have a regular service. since the dust and dirt in the bathroom or the grease in the kitchen is usually harder to clean. also always a deep cleaning is done if what you want is a cleaning for your home because you move from home or apartment to that cleaning we call “move out cleaning service” is a very detailed cleaning.

If you think that you need a deep cleaning for your home, just contact us or call us to help you.

A Maid Doing A Deep Cleaning